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AbDoerPro™ EMS Muscle Stimulator

AbDoerPro™ EMS Muscle Stimulator

AbDoerPro™ EMS Muscle Stimulator

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AbDoerPro helps you tone your body, flatten your stomach, reduce waistline, build abs, arms, buttocks and leg muscles anywhere & anytime! The EMS Muscle Stimulators will help lead the way to a well-trained body and help you achieve your goals. 


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices send out small electrical impulses to the muscles to make them contract and stimulate which increases muscle size, strength and endurance.

Research Proves That EMS Works

Lots of recent research and clinical studies have shown that using EMS in conjunction with strength training is consistently beneficial. It helps to enhance strengthening exercises and to encourage performance gain. EMS has been used in physical therapy settings for years, particularly in patients recovering from injuries. 

The Muscle Stimulator pads come with 6 training modes, so you can adjust between various levels of intensity to match your fitness goals and comfort level. You can use the stimulators on several parts of your body at the same time. You can work on your upper abdomen, lower abdomen, arms, hips, ankles, and more.